24. Every Framing Device a Painting. [MST3K 803. The Mole People.] / by Chris Piuma

The Mole People gets Beth and Adam to recite an epic of hollow-earth theories, the Epic of Gilgamesh, celebrity cameos, mushrooms, and astronauts of note. 

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 Show Notes.

The Mole People is available (with annotations!) on YouTube! Thanks, Shout Factory.

The Mole People: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer.

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare.

IJAS 16 on Zombie Nightmare.

Thor: We Accept the Challenge.

Pod F. Tompkast.

Beth is on This Is Your Mixtape!

Our survey, again.

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Frank C. Baxter!

Atlas Obscura article on Hollow Earth theories.

Vice article on Hollow Earth theories.

Edmund Halley’s article suggesting that the Earth might be hollow.

Battlestar Galactica’s religious inspiration.

Rear Adminral Richard E. Byrd.

The Epic of Gilgamesh.

In Our Time on the Epic of Gilgamesh.

The sexagesimal system.

Robert Smith.

NYC “mole people” links: An article. A book. A rebuttal. A life.

Our survey, again.

Soccer baseball.

IJAS 10 on Reptilicus and IJAS 15 on Starcrash, and their celebrity cameos.

In Our Time on fungi.

Matango trailer.

New data on the ant-controlling fungus!

Mushroom plastics.

Manchurian mushroom?

Shannon Lucid.

Our survey, again.


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