58b. He, Too, Has Legs. [MST3K Live! The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour, featuring Circus of Horrors and No Retreat, No Surrender.] by Chris Piuma

In this very special episode, Chris tells Adam all about going to see MST3K Live! The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour. Spoilers abound, so if you are hoping to see the live shows (which you should!) you might want to save this one for later? But you’ll still get to hear them talk about Circus of Horrors (in which some Pleasence is better than none) and everyone’s favourite movie about a kid who’s good at karate, No Retreat, No Surrender!

Show Notes.

MST3K Live! The tour continues until March. March!

Circus of Horrors: IMDb. Trailer.

No Retreat, No Surrender: IMDb. Trailer. Rifftrax.

Chris mentioned seeing the tour in our episode on Alien from L.A.

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The Freakmaker: IMDb. Trailer.

Those Netflix puppeteers are Grant Baciocco and Russ Walko.

Miami Connection: IMDb. Trailer. Rifftrax.

Over the Top: IMDb. Trailer. Rifftrax.

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