16. Good Job, Thor. [MST3K 604. Zombie Nightmare.] / by Chris Piuma

Zombie Nightmare rises from the grave to stalk Beth and Adam, who just wanted to talk about Canucksploitation, heavy metal soundtracks, voodoo, Vodou, and Adam West.

Show Notes.

Zombie Nightmare: IMDB. MST3K Wiki.

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Twist & Crème.

Park Harpell [review].

Draghoula [trailer].

Scanner Cop [trailer].

Canuxploitation - A Primer.

Canuxploitation’s Zombie Nightmare [review].

Black Roses VHS cover.

I Am Thor [trailer].

Rock ’n’ Roll Nightmare: Battle Scene/We Accept The Challenge.

Beth’s Zombie Nightmare playlist.

Vintage People article on Tia Carrere leaving General Hospital.

Shawn Levy’s (ZN’s Jim) IMDB page.

Dean Hagopian as Paul Lynde as Big Cheese in Samurai Pizza Cats.

Frank Dietz (ZN’s Frank) and his co-director accept the Rondo award for their documentary, Beast Wishes.

Yes, QVC is still a thing

Kids In The Hall Season 1 intro.


How To Pronounce Newfoundland.

SNL Halloween ’81 with Donald Pleasence & Fear [review].

What’s difference between Vodou and Voodoo?

The Serpent and the Rainbow [book].

The Serpent and the Rainbow [movie].

Another recommended book about Vodou.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast. [The Adam West episode is behind a paywall.]

The New Age [trailer].

Scary Eye Town debuted in IJAS episode 8:

Paul has written in before.


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