10. All Sizzle, All Snake. [MST3K 1101. Reptilicus.] / by Chris Piuma

Reptilicus seduces Beth and Adam into discussing Jonah Heston, weird cameos, multiple Reptilci, Danish tourism,  and trashy novelizations. 

Show notes.

Reptilicus: IMDB. MST3K Wiki.

The Dollop: John Romulus Brinkley.

It’s Just Our Patreon.

Frank Nelson

Spanish Drácula

The American and Danish posters. 

Dirch Passer.

Musical Number: Dirch Passer sings.

Musical Number Two: Tivoli Nights.

Musical Number Two-and-a-half: Tivoli Nights (English version with different Miller).

Reptilicus flies and so do our hearts.

Destination: Moon - Vintage Behind The Scenes Featurette.

Sid Pink.

The Man From O.R.G.Y.

Copenhagen’s Langebro bridge and Dragon Fountain

House Of Cosbys.

Jon Lovitz’s ACHUM in an adorable new context.

Reptilicus: The Novelization: Colon: The Amazon Review.

The Flop House

Weber Cooks: Rice-A Roni Edition.


A bonus bit, about smart ant technology, is available as a thank you to our Patreons.