37. Nothing Gets Away From Physics. [MST3K 107. Robot Monster.] / by Chris Piuma

Robot Monster wants to be like the hu-man, to laugh like the hu-man. Will Adam and Beth help? Or will they whisper about childhood dreams, rocket backpacks, commie slander, déjà vu, and bumbling bees.

And some shorts: Radar Men from the Moon episodes 4 & 5!

Show Notes.

Robot Monster: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer. Watch on Shout Factory TV.

Radar Men from the Moon: IMDB.

Be cool like devoted listener Chad and write us!

We discussed monsters molesting women in our episode on Revenge of the Creature

…and this same footage of animal cruelty in King Dinosaur.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [trailer].

Red Letter Media on The Rocketeer.

Searching for Phil Tucker’s Space Jockey.

A short history of guys in gorilla suits in movies.

Wyott Ordung as BB-Eyes in two episodes of Dick Tracy.

The Navy vs. the Night Monsters [trailer].

George Nader’s novel Chrome [review].

[Clarification: Selena Royle co-founded the Actors Free Dinner Club during the depression, which is different from the Hollywood Canteen, which was started during World War 2.]

A book about women and the blacklist, including Selena Royle.

Red Channels.

Adam’s Elmer Bernstein Sampler Platter.

Our bubbly episode on Teenagers from Outer Space.

The invention of the Whoopee Cushion.

Space Cadet.

Robot Monster special edition wraparound footage.

The Fifty Worst Films of All Time. [The list.] As discussed in our episode on Eegah.

Robot Monster: The Musical.

Bees! How do they bee?

Lawrence Welk with bubbles.

Anders Runestad: I Cannot, Yet I Must.


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