18. Noodling with Rubber. [MST3K 210. King Dinosaur.] / by Chris Piuma

King Dinosaur roars at Adam and Beth to discuss Elliott Kalan, first timers, bad drivers, lady scientists, and other not-quite-dinosaurs.

Also, there's a short: X Marks the Spot!

Show Notes.

This episode is on YouTube! Thanks, Shout Factory!

King Dinosaur: IMDB. MST3K Wiki.

X Marks the Spot: IMDB. UnMSTed.

Adam’s brother’s band has been THORATED. [See also: Adam’s brother’s band, Thor.]

Adam on Jordan is Genius and The Fiasco Bros. Watch a Movie.

Producer Chris will be wandering around PodCon. Will you?

Happy birthday, Elliott Kalan of MST3K and The Flop House!

Elliott Kalan’s favourite episodes.

The Turkey Day 2014 Lost Continent bumper.

Causes of death in the US in 1944.

Robert L. Lippert. [IMDB.]

Dish night?

Our episode on Rocketship X-M.

Vincent Price is The Last Man on Earth.

Cultural depictions of dinosaurs.

Crystal Palace dinosaurs.

King Kong vs. T. Rex.

The brontosaurus is back.

Gertie the Dinosaur.

Marching Dinosaurs - Animated Size Comparison.

The marmoset who peed on Carson.

An article on the influence of Mondo Cane’s animal cruelty. [Not safe for life.]


Cuphead and the racist spectre of Fleischer art.

How to wrestle an alligator.


A bonus bit with a little more about The Flop House is available as a thank you to our Patreons.