7. I Envy Your Joy of Movement. [MST3K 311. It Conquered the World.] / by Chris Piuma

It Conquered the World learned almost too late that Adam and Beth are feeling creatures, and because of it, they discuss more kick-ass 50s ladies, team sports, cults, Roger Corman, and learning almost too late that man is a feeling creature.

Includes a short: Snow Thrills!

Show Notes.

It Conquered the Earth: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer.

Snow Thrills: IMDB. UnMSTed.

When Ephron met B'more.

Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen's art.

Mamie Van Doren's sweet tweet.

Burke and Hare.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: NovelMovie.

The Rick and Morty episode.

The Midwich Cuckoos. [Village of the Damned.]

The Borks who come from the square planet.

Hale-Bopp and Heaven's Gate.

Zontar, the Thing from Venus. [IMDB.]

Corman's World.

Corman on MST3K.

Joel Hodgson [and Jonah Ray] on WTF with Marc Maron.

Frank Zappa: "Cheepnis". [More about it.]

The SCTV episode.

The Family Guy bit.

The Duckman bit.