6. It’s Good When People Age. [MST3K 601. Girls Town.] / by Chris Piuma

Girls Town lifts and separates Beth and Adam as they discuss Mamie Van Doren, Paul Anka, Mel Tormé, Mamie Van Doren (again), and Canada.

[cw: A section of this episode discusses sexual violence, which is a major plot element in this movie. The section is well marked, and does not go into graphic detail.]

Show Notes.

Girls Town: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer.

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The trailer for Grandma's House, featuring the kid from Cry Wilderness.

You Must Remember This on dead blondes.

Mamie Van Doren's nightclub act.

Mamie Van Doren's twitter is worth following.

Mel Tormé in Naked Gun 2½ and Night Court.

The trailer for Death Wish 2.

Snopes on White Wilderness.

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Eek! the Cat.

Who's Your Daddy? [Steam.]

Don't S—t Your Pants. [Flash.]

Hidden My Game By Mom: iOS. Android.