38. A Pizza Being Made in Real Time. [MST3K 704. The Incredible Melting Man.] / by Chris Piuma

The Incredible Melting Man keeps an eye out for Adam and Beth as they talk about horror movies, horror comedies, horror effects, horrors in space, and horror stories from Hollywood.

Have a spooky Halloween!

Show Notes.

The Incredible Melting Man: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer.

Adam’s new podcast about Canadian horror films is A Part Of Our Scare-itage.

Axe Cop, Vol. 1.

Rob Zombie: Meet the Creeper.

Galaxina [trailer].

The Bad Movie Report.

Street Trash [trailer].

The interview with Rick Baker for Japanese release.

Alex “A.J.” Rebar [IMDB].

Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion [opening credits].

The Fantastic Four’s origin story.

Rob Bottin [IMDB].

Streaming Stars [TV Tropes].

A video about how to make the star field effect.

Octaman [clip].

LeRoy Neiman.

Dress up as the Melty Man for Halloween, kids!

Saturn and its rings.

How solar flares could hurt you.

More on solar flares.

Mary Jo Pehl’s thoughts on the episode.

Corman’s Fantastic Four.


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