24b. Our First Anniversary Spectacular! / by Chris Piuma

In this spectacular episode of It’s Just A Show, Producer Chris invites Beth and Adam to look back over the 24 episodes of MST3K we’ve watched in the past year. Which movie would they watch unMSTed? Which episode was the best? Which monster is the ginchiest? And what did you, the listener at home, think?

Show Notes.

Our episode guide. Collect ’em all!

T. Rex boat flip.

Toronto Raptors mascot bites it.

The ending of Rock ’n’ Roll Nightmare [featuring “We Accept The Challenge”].

Stella in vampire lingerie, or figure-skating armour in silver and black or red and gold.

Buster Keaton and the goat scene.

Nuts. A documentary on John Romulus Brinkley.

Charlie Chaplin on cocaine.

It’s Just A Show. Year One. Our first set of theme song variations.

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Tony Zarindast’s Hardcase & Fist and Red Room. [They’re not very good.]

Lonely Water.

There are no accidents.


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