Never Steal Anything Wet.

From Catalina Caper. Lyrics by Jerry Gold. Transcribed by Producer Chris.


You may steal a kiss
It’s permissible, you can return this
Or steal an embrace
It’s replaceable if he should fret
Steal his sweater and love letter
Read it and burn it
It’s a good deal
But never steal anything wet

Sneak up, steal a hug
If it bugs him you know he doesn’t dig you
You may steal his heart
It’s the best part a woman can get
You will win him when you pin him
Man, it will whip you
Play it clever
Never never steal anything wet

Steal his shaggy little baggies
Make sure they’re dry first
You’re not a seal
So never steal anything wet

Steal all of his charms
In your arms he will take your direction
If crime doesn’t pay
You can both love your way out of debt
Keep him reeling
Keep on stealing all his affection
Don’t you ever
Ever steal anything wet
Steal anything wet
Never ever ever ever steal anything wet...