53c. Muddy and Filthy. [2nd Annual Summer Blockbuster Review.] / by Chris Piuma

Our Summer of Technical Difficulties hopefully comes to an end with the final movie speical, the 2nd Annual Summer Blockbuster Review! Do the summer hits of 1998 hold up twenty-one years later? Only Beth and Adam are allowed to decide.

Show Notes.

The 2nd Annual Summer Blockbuster Review on the MST3K Wiki.

The X-Files: Fight the Future [trailer].

Ever After [trailer].

Halloween H20 [trailer].

The Truman Show [trailer].

Truman Syndrome.

Pi [trailer].

That scene from Requiem for a Dream.

Saving Private Ryan [trailer].

Small Soldiers [trailer].

Godzilla [trailer].

A while back we watched the original Godzilla.

Deep Impact [trailer].

Armageddon [trailer].

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