53b. Cockroaches and Spiders. [Academy of Robots’ Choice Awards Special.] / by Chris Piuma

Our Summer of Technical Difficulties continues with a look at the Academy of Robots’ Choice Awards Special! Mike and the Bots once again preview the Oscars. Do their hot takes hold up? Do the Academy’s? Beth and Adam make the final judgment about the prestige pieces of 1997.

Show Notes.

Academy of Robots’ Choice Awards on the MST3K Wiki.

Our look at the MST3K Little Gold Statue Preview Special from a few years earlier.

Mrs. Brown [trailer].

The Wings of a Dove [trailer].

The Favourite [trailer].

Titanic [trailer].

Good Will Hunting [trailer].

Boogie Nights [trailer].

Amistad [trailer].

Starship Troopers [trailer].

Starship Troopers: One of the Most Misunderstood Movies Ever.

The Full Monty [trailer].

Anastasia [trailer].

Face/Off [trailer].

Darkman [trailer].

We discussed speedboat chases in our episode on Time Chasers

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life [trailer].

Con Air [trailer].

Gattaca [trailer].

Jackie Brown [trailer].

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