51. Wet-behind-the-ears-ness. [MST3K 112. Untamed Youth.] / by Chris Piuma

Untamed Youth finds Beth and Adam guilty of loitering with Mamie van Doren, Eddie Cochran, Lurene Tuttle, Les Baxter, and Greg Brady.

Show Notes.

Untamed Youth: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer. Watch on ShoutFactoryTV.

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Curtis the Dinoplant was first mentioned in our episode on Future War.

Mamie Van Doren on Twitter.

There’s a great interview with MVD on the ShoutFactory DVD of this episode.

We also raved about Mamie’s appearance in Girls Town.

A sampler of the interview with Joel on the DVD release.

Some links about prison and migrant labour in the United States.

Weird-ass tractors.

Nothing But Trouble [trailer].

The New York Times review of Untamed Youth.

Eddie Cochran: Summertime Blues and Somethin’ Else.

Bong apparently didn’t mean bong yet when this movie was made.

Eddie Cochran: Three Stars, about Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, and the Big Bopper.

[Cochran didn’t write that song, though; Tommy Dee did.]


Howard W. Koch receives an award.

Frankenstein 1970 [trailer].

Border Incident [trailer].

Robinson Crusoe on Mars [trailer].

Nominate someone for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Du Quoin, Illinois.

Sulky races.

The Italian Cut.

Les Baxter: Busy Port, from Ritual of the Savage.

Les Baxter: Clair de Lune, from Moog Rock.

Yma Sumac: Xtabay (Lure of the Unknown Love).

TVTropes on Cousin Oliver.

On The Brady Bunch Hour.

Car phones.


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