49. You Get Concussions. [MST3K 616. Racket Girls.] / by Chris Piuma

Racket Girls ogles Adam and Beth as they wrestle over favourite episodes, stock footage auteurs, foxy boxing, Lisa Loeb, and so many Stooges.

Includes a short: Are You Ready for Marriage?

Show Notes.

Racket Girls: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer. Watch for free on ShoutFactorytv.com!

Are You Ready for Marriage?: IMDB. UnMSTed.

Our first anniversary special.

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George Weiss.

Test Tube Babies.

Update: The early history of “test-tube babies”.

Weiss’s Umberto Scalli trilogy: The Devil’s Sleep. Racket Girls. Dance Hall Racket.

George Weiss’s filmography.

Some documentation on Clara Mortensen—there’s a lot less on Rita Martínez or Peaches Page.

What is foxy boxing?

That 1937 news article about Clara v. Rita.

Rhonda Rousey.


The Eiger Sanction [trailer].

Estes Kefauver and the Special Committee to Investigate Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce.

Lisa Loeb: Stay.

Lisa Loeb posted the MST3K clip!

A history of The Three Stooges.

The final years of Curly.

How to mark cards and load dice.


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