48. The Cleanliness and Tightness. [MST3K 510. The Painted Hills.] / by Chris Piuma

The Painted Hills moderates as Beth and Adam debate about good dogs, messy dogs, gold logs, backwards gods, and the need for clean.

Includes a short: Body Care and Grooming.

Show Notes.

The Painted Hills: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer. Watch on YouTube.

Body Care and Grooming: IMDB.

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Lassie and Pal.

We talk about The Littlest Hobo more in our episode on The Girl in Lovers Lane.

Dog House.

An overview of the California Gold Rush.

The New Zealand Evangelist on gold fever.

Harold S. Diehl: A Textbook for Healthful Living.

Human Growth.

Pal’s Gallant Journey.

Paul Kelly, Dorothy McKaye, and Ray Raymond.

Chief Yowlachie.

Little Brown Jug.

True Boardman.

Wilbur Mills and Fanne Foxe.

Oh! Heavenly Dog [trailer].

A collection of famous backmasked songs.

Mark Mothersbaugh: “We smell sausage.

On Disney’s “subliminal messages”.

Backwards Masking: Unmasked.

The Late Shift and its sequel, The War for Late Night.

John Oliver on Jay Leno.

The Comedians.

The Art of Manliness on vintage educational films.


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