41. The Best America Has to Offer. [MST3K 1201. Mac and Me.] / by Chris Piuma

Mac and Me will drill holes into Beth and Adam’s living rooms if they don’t talk about product placement, Coca-Cola™, America™, McDonald’s™, and Steven Spielberg™.

Show Notes.

Mac and Me: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer. Watch on Netflix.

TV Tropes on It’s Just A Show.

Tipperary on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Paul Rudd on Conan.

An overview of how Mac and Me got made.

Examples of product placement in movies.

Just after we recorded this episode, Lindsay Ellis put out a very interesting video essay about product placement which touches on MST3K, E.T., and Wayne’s World.

Alan Silvestri.

The soundtrack to Mac and Me.

Includes Jara Lane: You're not a Stranger Anymore and Bobby Caldwell: Take Me I’ll Follow.

Or buy it off Amazon, currently for $679. Maybe Adam should sell his copy?

Earle Hagen: Scoring for Films.

On Mr. Freezes.

Nell [trailer].

Meatballs Part II [clip].

Boots Randolphs: Yakety Sax.

Chet Atkins: Yakety Axe.

Glen Campbell: Yakety Sax.

André Rieu: Yakety Sax.

Breakin’ [trailer].

Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo [trailer].

Rappin’ [trailer].

Cadbury gorilla.

Howie Scream for 12 Hours.

George “Buck” Flower.

The “Eric gets shot” ending.


The story of the raccoon stealing Adam’s chocolates was told in our episode on Cry Wilderness.

Cyril Sneer of The Raccoons.

E.T.: The Extraterrestrial [trailer].


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