25. Don’t Eat the Good Bug. [MST3K 804. The Deadly Mantis.] / by Chris Piuma

The Deadly Mantis emerges from the ice to ask Beth and Adam about bug-eyed monsters, bug-eyed bugs, bloody-minded militarists, stop-motion brains, and bomb-loving mutants.

Show Notes.

The Deadly Mantis: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. TrailerGet the DVD.

And Thereby Hangs A Tale 5. Jessica Is Not “Spiritual”.

Once again, there are no accidents [but there are gruesome Canadian PSAs].

Mantis facts!

On the original BEMs.

House centipedes. [Urgh.]


How big can a creature get before there are problems?

Poisonous spiders in Ontario.

Them! [Trailer.]

You want giant bees? Harryhausen’s got some for you.

CONAD, the Pinetree Line, and the DEW Line.

The DEW Line Story [1958], on how the DEW Line was constructed.

The DEW Line’s Toxic Legacy [1997], from CBC Radio.

Radar Station [1953], from the NFB, about the women at the Pinetree Line.

Reminiscences from someone who worked on the DEW Line.

IJAS 18 on King Dinosaur.

S.O.S. Iceberg.

That scene from Grand Illusion.

Dymaxion, Mercator, and other map projections.

An unexpectedly dark ad for Bon Ami.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. [Promo.]

The Brain from Planet Arous.

Brain leaves dog.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes bomb worshippers.

Nedrick Young and Martin Berkeley.


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