17. Get Serious. [MST3K 1009. Hamlet.] / by Chris Piuma

Hamlet broods while eavesdropping on Adam and Dr. Beth talking about being, not being, suffering, sleeping, and the undiscovered country of Germany. 

Show Notes.

Hamlet: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Script [unabridged].

Girlschool! Future Flash & M O R E !

John McWhorter’s Lexicon Valley on Shakespeare.

Robert Munsch’s Paper Bag Princess.

You’re Not Funny: 3. Puns on the Run.

A medieval morality play.

Ben Jonson to Shakespeare: “Thou hadst small Latin and less Greek...”

Why is Germany so obsessed with Hamlet?

Maximilian Schell [IMDB].

Richard Schechner and Heiner Müller

Rose Marie!

My Little Margie on radio and tv.

Oliver Reed on Letterman.

Stephen Root, Jeffrey Combs, Ed Wynn  [IMDB].

Ricardo Montalbán obituary.

More about Montalbán.

Montalbán with a Tattoobot.

taH pagh taHbe‘.


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